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Web Shop

Post by admin » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:20 am

Web shop

We are working with our sister companies to come up with a web shop, since our umbrella company processes all payments for us it would be prudent to keep the shop under the same umbrella.

To this end we are talking to a sister company for them to host our web-shop on there web server for us, this will free up resources so that we can continue development while they build and host our online shop for us.

We will be in the future bringing the web-shop under our own domain and running it side by side with our websites/services but that is in the near - mid future.

What will the web shop sell?
Well to start with for helping fund the development of our projects we will be selling game assets and materials that have been derived via 3D Scans, yes these are what we are using in our projects but is planned to be a huge pipeline for our funding of our projects, not only that we will be one of the very few sources of 3D data derived game ready assets in the world as the current market stands.

Our production ready games will be sold here as well or dependant of what platform we choose to distribute our projects will supply keys to said projects.

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