Update - Work has started

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Update - Work has started

Post by admin » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:52 am

Work started
Work started about a month ago with scripting for mechanics and prototyping but we have lots of work ahead of us with gathering 3D Scan data for our game assets and materials that will be used in our games and on our store (eventually).

Just gathering the 3D scan data is not enough and the data usually creates models that are not usable in games and game engines because of the high poly count usually in the millions.
We then have to optimise the mesh of any given 3D scan data derived model and optimise the materials and textures for GPU performance, with not only that workload we have to dodge the UK weather and time it just right to get the perfect environment lighting to create the scan data, if you thought that that was bad enough we have to use at least 3 other programs to get the models in to a state that they can be usable in our projects.

the gathering of 3D scan data and refining it will be a ongoing thing as we progress and we will use place holders in our project to be replaced by more pleasing assets further in development.
We have the basics in place:
  • Temp Main Menu
  • Temp Splash Screens
  • Place holder assets
  • Almost have the prototyping levels in place.
  • Mechanics - Weather scripts
  • Mechanics - Saving and loading of basic data (will expand on this in time).
  • Mechanics - Environmental AI (animals within the game world)
  • Game Logo
  • Place holder FPS character (no real mechanics as yet)
In the coming months we will be following the road map to get something together and improve on what we have.

We will also be posting regulary to the blog to keep everyone informed of progress.

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