Held up once again & Web Services update.

Web services.

As we have been updating our privacy policies and web services to be more developer friendly (behind the scenes) we are also implementing SSL to secure the connection between our servers and users browsers.

Help up again.

The development of the game engine that we have decided to use has been painfully slow this year with only basic engine been released to us users, I personally believe that it came out of BETA to soon and as a result of this over the summer months the features and updates released have been virtually none existent with the exception of one or two compared to previous years that we have backed the engine.

I don’t know what the developers are doing it took about 3 months to get a basic vegetation eco-system up and running but when looking at it, well it should have taken a week if that.

We know that the developers have had a lot of family issues and this we give our condolences and with a new addition to there family more recently we congratulate them but with this in mind I have decided that we will give it untill the beginning of December to start to look its been developed full time before we give up on it and go for a well known game engine.