EVE LBS Studio

EVE LBS Studio indie game developers

We’re a small, independent games studio based in Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

We are currently working on our very first game Resistance Iron Fist. EVE LBS Studio was created in 2018 following 7 years of wanting and waiting to develop the idea of Resistance Iron Fist…

Our First Project comes to life

Resistance Iron Fist

We found a game development platform (game engine) that suits the requirements of the project that we are currently developing, overall we prefer it over existing engines of its type as it does so much more.

The Project has been put behind by various factors over the years and is now finally coming to life even though we are prototyping and very early into the development stages.

The Engine

This little gem of a game engine named Skyline Game Engine has been in development for some 10 years and for the last three of them we have actively supported its development, not only paid to gain the commercial pro license but moderated there forum, helped new users, helped with the intelisense scripting and bug testing…

We also wrote the old documentation, giving this we have helped development of the engine and know it inside and out.

The road map for the engine for 2018 to early 2019 is impressive giving a vital update to existing features and workflow.

So whats next?

Well there is a long road ahead for the development of the project and with more and more updates to the engine that are due we will continue to develop and prototype for the project as we want it be all it can be.

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Photo Realistic Scans

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Using 3D Scan Data We can create some stunning visuals, not all of our assets in the pipeline have been made from 3D Scans but we are making the most of the ones we have and continue to capture and process.

Creating realistic materials form 3D scan data gives games more immersion and a better gaming experience.