NewsResistance IF02
It's been awhile....

So Whats been happening in the time that we haven’t posted an update.

I will put this under two headings..

Whats the hold up?

The developers of the Game Engine have had some bad news so the development has been at a snail’s pace as you would expect when a family member is seriously ill.

This means that the Physx update, stability fixes, new features etc will not be happening for some time and I only expect an update to come out later this year.


This has been a great blow to us as we wanted the following to be able to continue with our workflow:

  • Eco painter to be fully operational so we can get some levels designed and prototyped.
  • Vertex animations, so that we can use the assets that we have been creating.
  • GUI Editor to be finished so we can create UI’s etc (visual editor).
  • Documentation, for the new shader system etc.
  • Effect Volumes.
  • The Navmesh update.
  • Manual Lods.
  • Reflection Probes.
  • Real-timeĀ radiosity.

As I say these are the updates that where expected this year but it is unlikely that the majority of them will not be released this year and will be pushed back to next year.

So that’s the low down of what hasn’t been happening and what we are waiting for.

What's actually happened?

Well to be honest not a lot while we are waiting on the updates, it’s kind of been disheartening with the delay but we understand family comes first as it should be.

So what has actually been going on behind the scenes.

  • Reinstalled web server – Well we reinstalled the web server after the hacking attempt.
  • Server back end – New Back end to the server to make it more secure and better implementation to the SSL secured layers.
  • New Staff Portal – even though we have no staff at the moment because we have no funding (early access stage is in the future).
    We thought its best to get the web stuff out of the way with for the future possibilities of staff etc.
  • New Website – Updated the website to bring it more inline with what you expect in 2019.
  • Code – Started on making a code base, although it is very small at the moment its will grow with basic scripts to expand upon, hey everything’s got to start somewhere.
  • Modeling – Some modeling has resumed after the NAS went down and we lost 60+ models.

So that’s about it really not much to report on, just more delays to the start of development but we will get there.