About US

EVE LBS Studio indie game developers

We’re a small, independent games studio based in Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, England.

We are currently working on our very first game Resistance Iron Fist. Established by Liam Gibbins, EVE LBS Studio was created in 2018 following 7 years of wanting and waiting to develop the idea of Resistance Iron Fist…

During the last 7 years Liam had worked as a electrical contractor and after having health issues and limited movement he began to lean game development.

Liam has had many experiences and training in many fields of work, he began his working life as a Microsoft approved IT Engineer and later used his skill to work as a IT consultant.

Later on in the mid 90’s schools in the UK started to push pupils into the IT sector and the wages decreased dramatically to what they where so he then trained as a photographer and opened his own studio but after about ten years with DSL cameras becoming cheap enough for the consumer the market became saturated and changed his career again as a self employed electrical contractor.