We are a small indie company that has turned its hand to the gaming industry from 25 years of creating bespoke applications for local companies.

Why did we change to become a indie game developer?
Basically it is because the bespoke application sector has become saturated with freelancers and people that have just left collage and become freelancers and the quality of work produced within the industry has taken a nose dive and we wanted a fresh perspective and focus.

We have looked at the AAA game engines and found that none of them really fitted our personal taste or style, we also looked at many indie engines and found that they where also lacking in some way or form, then we found the Skyline Game Engine that is still in development and found that the development team where able to listen to what the users want as standard in features.

Skyline game engine has a feature full road map and we have supported them all the way by testing and helping users over the past years and find that Skyline fits our personal style and taste, it is feature full and offers you the ability to create your own plugins that render to the scene and this is great for speeding up workflows.

We have decided to go the route of making assets from 3D scan data because it isn’t used by many indie game developers due to the length of the workflow in capturing the scan data and making it into game usable assets, we think this is just one of the ways we beat our competition as it will add more immersion and play-ability in our products.