News on the engine side and video tutorials

Starting to create environments

News from the Skyline Game Engine Developers.

Some great news from the developers of the skyline game engine (, I have been promoted to the lead moderator of the forums and will be receiving a pre-release version of the engine so that I can start on the video tutorials and testing the engine before the next update release so it is as polished as much as possible before public release.

Of course I am bined by a NDA so I can not post any images, videos or even talk about what’s up and coming before the next update hits but I can let you know that its more stable, more visually pleasing and easier to activate than previous versions.

The next update is currently been polished for release and includes some exciting features that the community have been asking for meaning that the developers are continuing to be community focused and very active with the community.

Can not wait to get to work on this pre-released version and see what goodies they have install for all of the users of the Skyline Development Platform.

New Engine Video Tutorials after the next realease

To show my ongoing support for the development of the “Skyline Game Engine” I will be creating some new video tutorials for the game engine to replace the ones that I have already made and more after the next update release hits us.

On Going Support

These tutorial videos are planned in on the white board in front of me and include:

To start with:

Editor tour
Asset Management
Game Objects and more.
FAQ Style Videos

I am hoping that these bring some light to some of the users that come to the Skyline Game Engine on how easy it is to use compared to other indie engines out there.

2019 and what we expect of it.

Happy new year all..

Now that Skyline Game engine has released there road map for this year it gets me thinking about what I want to get done on the projects I have in mind, first of all get modelling some basic prototype models and some for the asset store so I have a funding pipeline for the project to help keep the development alive.

What we expect to achieve in the first 6 Months of 2019

Hoping on the next release of the game engine that the GUI editor is released in full working order (visual GUI editor) so prototyping can start on some mechanics, this is the main priority for the projects because its going to be the stage that defines whats going in the projects and whats not.

After prototyping the mechanics we expect to put together a prototyping level to get the AI as we want it to behave and how it reacts to the player.

By this time we should have the very basics down so we can build upon them in future stages of development.

This is expected to take some time as the one man team (cough cough myself and I) can only do so much at a time but what will be next?

Well by this time the basic’s of the mechanics etc  should be set in stone and the next thing will be to have something that the mechanics can control so that means modelling, modelling and more modelling well at least getting the 1st phase of modelling completed (some rough and ready models “grey stage models”) that can be redesigned when the time comes and/or re-textured.

Then its back to prototyping the mechanics with models attached and seeing how they perform and tweek if needed

I know that isn’t a lot to expect in 6 months but that’s the primary goal of the one man team and any more than that is a bonus.

SO hopefully within 6 months there is something to show for the amount of effort that has already gone into the project.

See you all soon.

Creating Textures


While not a lot seems to be getting done I am creating textures for our project.

I selected just one of many textures that are been used in the project that I am currently working on, whilst it is not shown in game or engine it shows the level of detail I am going for in this project.

This particular material is to be used in the prologue of the game and is a  part of a growing library of materials that I have in the library.

Along with growing the material base I am also creating some props (not ready to be shown yet) and the start of the installation that forms part of the prologue.

Engine – whats next?

Well after a chat with SolarPortal one of the developers of the Skyline Game Engine or SGE as its known has revealed some great information for the next update, although there has been no time limit given to me on the next update but he has shared some secret screenshots of the new skin (GUI) for the development environment and wow does it look sexy.

A NDA prevents me from showing them at the moment.

Personally I can not wait for the next update, with bug fixes and some other smaller updates to functionality.

With the new GUI taking  up much of there time I do not know how much progress has been made on the other features but for a two man team I think they are doing exceptionally well.


Website update – Secure Layer

A quick note to say that we have implemented a secure layer to our website meaning that the connection from your browser and our server is now encrypted making it as secure as it can be.

This brings us inline with our security and privacy policies for your and our protection against hackers and misuse of your and our data.

Updates updates

Following a conversation or two and getting more information I am back in a better mindset.

OK so whats gong on you may ask?

Well following the convo with one of the developers of the game engine we chose to back and use it has come to light that there are many features planned for 2018/ early 2019 such as:

  • Volumetric clouds
  • Ocean System
  • New UI and GUI system
  • Mesh optimisations although the merging of sub-meshes
  • Vegetation trees spraying

Following the above features will be a Physx update (new physics to bring us up to date).

What does this mean for our project?

Basically means that we will be still working on our project whilst awaiting for the updates and features to roll in so we can start the prototyping stage.

Slowly Getting there & Web Services update.

Web services.

As we have been updating our privacy policies and web services to be more developer friendly (behind the scenes) we are also implementing SSL to secure the connection between our servers and users browsers.

Slowly Getting there.

The development of the game engine in the areas that we require for us to continue developing has been slow recently, since most of our first project requires a UI, hood etc and this is the main area of difficulty, also the Eco System painter needs a polish off so it can be used to its full potential. Once the Eco system can be used then we can start on making levels. The GUI editor we require hoods & gui’s etc for inventories etc since every npc will have an inventory, rank, personality traits etc and you can take items from there corpses etc. Hoping that these areas get some care and attention soon so we can continue with development.

Here’s the Start of the Playlist for the Getting started with the Skyline Game Engine

Started some videos for the Getting started Playlist for the Skyline Game Engine.

As a contribute to the development of the Skyline Game Engine we have been discussing updating our series videos now that the 2nd generation of the engine has enough features to begin to prototype game mechanics even though not all of the features have been ported from the first iteration of the engine as of yet and we have been waiting for some of the features to return we think its a good place to start and get people interested in game development a starting place.

The difference in this indie engine and the AAA engines out there is that it is royalty free and this is a big draw for indie developers meaning that there is a one off free to buy the engine and you do not have to give a large share of your profits when your selling your end game to the engine creators.