2019 and what we expect of it.

Happy new year all..

Now that Skyline Game engine has released there road map for this year it gets me thinking about what I want to get done on the projects I have in mind, first of all get modelling some basic prototype models and some for the asset store so I have a funding pipeline for the project to help keep the development alive.


What we expect to achieve in the first 6 Months of 2019

Hoping on the next release of the game engine that the GUI editor is released in full working order (visual GUI editor) so prototyping can start on some mechanics, this is the main priority for the projects because its going to be the stage that defines whats going in the projects and whats not.

After prototyping the mechanics we expect to put together a prototyping level to get the AI as we want it to behave and how it reacts to the player.

By this time we should have the very basics down so we can build upon them in future stages of development.

This is expected to take some time as the one man team (cough cough myself and I) can only do so much at a time but what will be next?

Well by this time the basic’s of the mechanics etc  should be set in stone and the next thing will be to have something that the mechanics can control so that means modelling, modelling and more modelling well at least getting the 1st phase of modelling completed (some rough and ready models “grey stage models”) that can be redesigned when the time comes and/or re-textured.

Then its back to prototyping the mechanics with models attached and seeing how they perform and tweek if needed

I know that isn’t a lot to expect in 6 months but that’s the primary goal of the one man team and any more than that is a bonus.

SO hopefully within 6 months there is something to show for the amount of effort that has already gone into the project.

See you all soon.