Setting up the Bobcat 300 helium miner.


Location is everything.

When you first receive your Bobcat 300 miner before setting it up think about its location, location is everything.
For best performance it should be placed as high as possible with no obstacles or as little obstacles as possible, its all about line of sight the clearer the path from one node to another the more witnesses you will get that equals more HNT, the antenna is preferably placed outside above the roofline of the building that it is to be fixed upon.


Setting up the Bobcat 300 Miner

With location in mind attach the Bobcat 300 hotspot to the antenna and network cable (ethernet cable) thats attached to your router and power the unit on.


Bobcat 300 diagnostics page

Before connecting the Bobcat 300 hotspot to the helium network through the mobile app you have two options.

  1. Leave the Bobcat 300 hotspot for 3 hours (then check the diagnostics page).
  2. Be more involved with the updates and syncing the blockchain.


Been more involved with the update

Either one of the options above both involve finding the diagnostics page of the Bobcat 300 hotspot and I will explain how to do that now.

  1. In a browser of your choice type the IP address in the of your router this is usually or and enter the name and password found on the back of your router if you have not changed it.
  2. locate attached devices or network map and view the devices connected to your router.
  3. Your now looking for a device name that includes bobcat, if you can not find it then look at the back of your Bobcat 300 hotspot and record the mac addresses, these are the addresses of the network and wifi devices within the Bobcat 300 hotspot, it is these mac addresses that might be listed as a device name in the attached devices page, next to the mac address or device name there is a IP address this is what you should put in your browsers address bar.
  4. Now that you have the IP address of your bobcat miner you might want to set it a static IP address, you can search online for “setting a static ip address (your router)”.
  5. The browser window that you typed the IP address of the Bobcat 300 hotspot will not be displaying the diagnostics page of the Bobcat 300 Hotspot.
  6. The first option/line of the list next to the Download Recycling Symbol - The Original Recycle Logo - Free PNG Archive | Recycle symbol, Recycle logo, Recycling icon should say loading (gap x), this means that the Bobcat 300 hotspot is loading a snapshot (update), as of typing the latest update is
  7. To speed things up after 20-30mins of a version change you can do a soft reboot of the Bobcat 300 hotspot or if the update hangs do a soft reboot.
  8. To check on the current version installed you can scroll to the bottom of the page and in the footer it will display the current version number.
  9. After the Bobcat 300 hotspot has fully updated then it will display syncing (gap x) next to the Download Recycling Symbol - The Original Recycle Logo - Free PNG Archive | Recycle symbol, Recycle logo, Recycling icon, this process can take a long time so make a cup of tea and check it again in hourly intervals.
  10. Once the Bobcat 300 hotspot has synchronised the block chain now this is the time to install the helium and bobcat mobile apps, the instructions that came with mine says to install with the helium app but that says install with the bobcat app.
  11. Push the Bluetooth button on the rear of the Bobcat 300 hotspot with the supplied pin until the LED turns blue (now in Bluetooth mode).
  12. Open the bobcat app and click on Bobcat 300 and follow the process for adding the Bobcat 300 hotspot to the helium network.

We are are pretty much finished on setting up the Bobcat 300 hotspot/miner, all you have to do now is wait for a transmit scale to be assigned to you and this can take 1hr-48hrs.

Once you have your transmit scale you have completed the setup of your bobcat miner.

Upgrading the antenna

Most people upgrade the antenna of there bobcat 300 hotspot to gain more range and more witnesses that equals more HNT, the antenna you choose depends mostly on where you live, in a house, a apartment high up etc, there is plenty of resources on the internet to help you.

One thing I will advise on is that when entering a custom antenna in the app you enter the value. antenna dbi – cable loss – connector loss = the value you put in the app.

Connector loss is usually 0.2-1dbi.

What next

Sit back, relax and watch the HNT roll in and get involved with the bobcat and helium discord community we are a friendly bunch.