Game Development Platform

What Game Development Platform do you use?

The chosen game development platform to create our game(s) is the Skyline Game Engine.

Skyline Game Engine

We chose to back the development of the Skyline Game Engine over 5 years ago and have never been disappointed with the forwardness and friendliness of the developers, even so that we joined there testing team (also did a stint of there community manager and social media manager for them).

The Skyline Game Engine is not as well known other indie game development platforms but it does have an easier to handle and learn interface and a smaller learning curve than others I have seen on the Steam distribution network.

Skyline is modular built so that the editors make sense and are easier to find, not only this the Skyline Game Engine road map looks so good we could not pass up on it and have/will be sticking by the development of it for the foreseeable future.

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