FAQ – Development

Development FAQ

  • What Game Engine do you use?

    Skyline Game Engine


    THE Skyline Game Engine or SGE as the community refers to it, is an indie game development platform that has features we prefer over others of it type.

    We find it easier to work with and the learning curve is not as hard as most other engines out there.

  • What Platforms are you developing for?

    At the moment we are only planning on publishing for the PC Platform.

    In the future we may plan to develop for other platforms but we think that the game experience is dumbed down on consoles when ported to the PC and tend to be more gun and run basically prey you hit your target.

    We also prefer the precision of keyboard and mouse over controllers but this does not mean that we will not include for them in our games.

  • Will there be VR in your game projects?

    The short answer is yes, the game development platform we are using comes shipped with VR software (Server) build in and can be used with other VR systems. This option can be enabled/disabled via a setting in the settings menu of our game projects