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Resistance Iron Fist is a game that has been on the drawing board for about 6 years now, we spend many years looking for an engine that we wanted and felt that is for us and eventually found one in late 2015.

Since we found this engine we have been working testing the engine as its been in development for a number of years now and the road map hosts all the features that you do not get in any other engine unless you pay for it through the asset store.


Resistance Iron Fist came to us as an idea that games lack structure and content in the more recent years, we wanted to be able to use the lay of the land, not doing the same repeated missions over and over like you have in nearly every open world game as to date.

We want to be able to use and find cover and the terrain to do so, have a small squad that the player can order to do things to increase chance of a successful mission, to have an AI that will not only react to sight but sounds as well, the AI should search for cover or concealment and if they can not find it then they lay prone to give themselves a chance to kill the player before they get killed.  The AI should also group up automatically with others in the vicinity when the player or his squad has alerted them to there presence.  Fog and weather affects the way AI and the player sees things and how sound is transmitted.

The Materials and object within the game should be made from 3D scan data (where possible) to make the game more realistic and immersive.

And to listen to our customers to get a product thats right for them as well as us.

Whats the Plan?

We have setup a bug tracker with road maps to follow so you can see where we are at in development monthly (updated monthly is the plan).


We want to include these features into the game (where possible)

  • Single player with Co-op (co-op later in development)
  • Squad based combat where you control the squad and how it reacts and preforms tasks.
  • A real life weather system, shorter days in winter, changeable weather relevant to each season.
  • Weather effect the player.
  • Resource gathering to build up your base and supply raids/runs.
  • Deployables (for combat/base defence).
  • Range of weapons.
  • Range of vehicles ground and air.
  • Open world (depends on the development of the Game Engine).
  • Intelligent AI.
  • Tactics and formations.
  • A good story to follow to make the missions more interesting and feel more vital.
  • We want to be open to more ideas and feature requests than other developer.
  • and more….

We are a small team and funding this with love for the project and will be working on planning a financial plan when we get to that phase of development.




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