Materials and objectsUpdate

Mud, sand, rocks and more

We have been busy gaining our 3D scene data while we had a break in the UK weather and we have started processing some of these into materials for use in our upcoming projects.

Its been a slow process for us as we have to wait for the weather to clear up but we are doing what we can.

Waiting for the features that we desperately want from Skyline Game Engine at the moment so we are limited to what we can be doing.


Even though we have been waiting for the collection of resources and the devs over at the Skyline Game engine to get vegetation environment system back into the engine we have not been sat here with our hand tied.

We have been looking into AI and how we want to proceed with that and with that in mind we are wanting to use navmesh data to detect corners where cover is so we do not have to spend hours manually placing cover objects in a scene and and coding for each one.

Using the navmesh data retrieval method we could only pull the data that is needed and when its needed i.e. close to the NPC when the player is detected, this way we dont have to have loads of objects with scripts attached as it can be resource heavy, will see what the devs say.

Once the environment vegetation editor is back up and running in the engine we will be able to knock out scenes at a decent rate instead of placing each one with the Game Objects editor that they have, then finding that they are stacked above the ground and not where you wanted them, this can get time consuming and annoying, so I like the old systems of environment editors…

Not like the GO (game objects) system does not have its uses, it does and it is great for level designers when it comes to placing objects in a detailed area like a city where cars can be stamped onto the scene at the terrain height or lamp posts but for placing grass, trees if your doing a load of them can be very slow…