Airborne Photography and videography.

Drones can give us that unusual perspective that you normally see in high budget films.

Not only can you make unique footage and images but you can also make 360 images and 360 virtual tours to make your company stand out from the crowed.

  • Aerial photography
  • Arial videography.
  • 360 images
  • Virtual tours
Pumping station

3D Mapping & Surveys

3D Mapping and surveys via drone is away to replace the more traditional methods saving both time and resources.

3D Mapping

In basic terms it is the process of taking several images across a flight plan and then using the images to create a 3D model of the area or object that you have taken the images from, these can be created to a scale or a general model.

3D mapping is most often used to survey land before a building permission application is sort and is much faster and more efficient then using a land based (human) method, not to mention much cheaper.


Surveys can range from roof surveys (see if work is required etc.), surveying old/listed buildings to surveying power lined.

Roof and structural surveys often require scaffolding and a team of people to perform the inspection but with a drone you can have 4K video that you can zoom right into and perform the survey/inspection that way saving funds and resourses.

You can also have a mix of both 3D mapping (3D model) and video drone surveys for that complete package.

3D Game Environment

Creating realistic 3D game environments.

Through the method of 3D mapping you create 3D models, now these models are very high in poly count and require quite a bit of work to bring the asset or 3D model to a poly count that is low enough to be used in video games of todays standards, often you have to split up the 3D map into several components to be used into the game development industry.

Things like trees have to be replaced as in 3D mapping it is next to impossible to get them to look good enough in a gaming environment.