While development of the game engine is quite slow and porting of the features from the olid version is going at a snails pace that is slower than we expected this means that our start date has been pushed back from summer to probably later this year, this is before the engine we have chosen is able to create a playable game.

Saying this we are developing scripts for game mechanics but we are hindered by the gui system needing a good looking at before its fully functional.

We are very limited at the moment to what can be done in the game engine as we believed that it was able to create games because it came out of beta earlier this year.

We are in the 3rd year of waiting for this engine and even though it’s more stable and prettier than it ever has been but the fact of the matter is that it had many more features in the 1st generation of the engine than it does now. To the point that the ocean system has been taken away and now have to use water planes that are basically crap compared to the odd system.

  • We are hoping to get at least one of our projects started with this engine but it all depends on when features start to get ported over as these features are why we chose and paid for the engine in the first place.

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