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So development has been slow with the recent snow and weather in general but we have decided to put this update out there.

Where we are exactly is very very early in development but we are getting there in the terms of ideas and prototyping and seeing what works and what does not fit in with our ideas of what we want from the final product

The image below gives a clear idea of what phase of development we are at.

Progress Roadmap

With that said on the other side of our plans we have done a lot of work behind the scenes with our website and web services.

Staff Portal, Portal for future use for testers and a bug tracker, not to mention forum and all that goes with it for future use.

We have project management tools for freelancers and staff to use so in effect it has been a productive month so far on the business side of things but not in terms of game development.

Videos and video splash screens

We have finished the splash screen for our company to be displayed in game when it first loads and have a few others in the pipeline..

Cut scenes are something we are wanting to do to complement the game and can only help with the story line.