Staff Area

We have created a staff area because we intend to get more staff in eventually and while we are updating our web sites and services we should at least get something basic in.

The staff portal includes, private chats, project management with a system similar to the Bug tracker/road map with milestones and completion dates etc.

We have also picked a eCommerce platform that we would like to work with in the future and we have started to get the basics up and running so it is not as much to do later on when we have products and assets to sell to the public and other indie game developers having a basic form of this will save us time in the future.

Materials and Objects

Well with the UK weather been what it is we haven’t made much progress on this side of things but we have done some more on the scripting side of things..

Mechanics (scripting)

We have spend a little time on the environment weather patterns script, This script is the basis of the weather in Resistance Iron Fist and has the following features:

  • Days Months and years are recorded.
  • Humidity and temperature determines crop growth (feature for future projects).
  • Humidity/weather type effects soil health.
  • Temperature has an effect on the player, such as if the player is not suitably clothed and its snowing/cold or the player is wet then the player starts to loose health at a variable rate.
  • 4 seasons just like in real life, 12 months and days as in real life.
  • Multiplier for how fast the days go is settable in the settings menu.
  • Height of the sun/moon differs for summer and winter.
  • longer days in the summer and longer nights in the winter.
  • Different particle effects for each weather type, ground fog, height fog etc.

We would love to include shaders to enhance the weather effects but that will come at another date as this is only the first iteration of this script.