Web Development

The Drone Portal Self Hosted Web Application

What is the Drone Portal?

We are currently working with our other website to provide a self hosted drone web app that includes the following features.

  • Risk assessment & method statements
  • Flight logging and waypoint files save
  • Battery voltage history with graph
  • Project management
  • Client portal.


The Drone Portal Details

We want the application to be modular so the features that you don’t require will not be downloaded, this will make the application light weight and efficient.

The “drone portal” as we are naming it started as an idea that when the authorities ask what are you doing? then you have an easily accessible through the internet (on any device) resource that you can show them.

It is always a good idea to do a risk assessment for any site you plan on flying at and it shows that you have done everything to reduce the risk of flying in that location even if your just flying for recreational purposes (will also help if an insurance claim is needed).

It also has the ability to show your clients what stage a project is in and to make feature request or any request to be added to the project at any time in the projects lifespan in the project management tool.

For a business tool the flight logs record will help in keeping to any targets that you need to hit each month/year and adding waypoint files to your project will allow you to quickly access the file if needed in your project if the file on the controller get corrupt, or a client comes back asking you to fly the same flight path for a different project.

The battery monitor is a must for everyone with a drone as it will show the deterioration of the battery over time and will indicate when you need to replace the batteries.

We are currently working on the website for Tempest Solutions and more information will be available on there when it is finished and planning starts for the drone portal application.

There will be a bug tracker where you can make feature requests and submit bug reports at any stage of the development even before we begin.


So how much will it cost?

Nothing to going to be free for all to use but if you want to donate towards the development of drone portal or towards a feature even £1 or $1 will do, you don’t have to break the bank to help in developing a software and to show appreciation.